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Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) is a constituent campus of
Tribhuvan University. It is ideally located at the heart of
Kathmandu valley. Shanker Dev Campus has been exclusively
oering Management education since its inception. SDC has
successfully played the pioneer role in the development of
Management Education in Nepal ever since the introduction
of National Education System Plan in 1971. Now, SDC family
feels proud to nd many of its Bachelor and Master’s Degree
holders assuming key roles in government oces, various
nancial institutions, corporations and in private sectors.
After immense success of Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Management,
Shanker Dev Campus is introducing a new course Bachelor
of Business Management (BBM) since 2073.
The BBM program of faculty of management, Thribhuvan
University is designed for aspiring business leaders and
managers of the future.
The BBM graduates are equipped with the necessary
knowledge, skills and self-condence to assist in eective
and successful management, within constantly changing
and highly competitive national and global business

Objectives of the Program

With the increase in liberalization, privatization, and globalization
around the globe, the economic, business, and nancial activities
have increased tremendously over a period of time in almost all the
nations of the world. It has created many opportunities in the area of
trade, industry, commerce, nance, investment and allied areas but
at the same time, it has also brought many challenges. Basically,
competition has increased much more in business and businesses
have been employing recent graduates to meet the ever increasing
competition. Throughout the past one hundred years' of modern
nancial history, sudden economic distresses and nancial crises of
varying magnitudes have occurred in practically in every continent.
Business Management (BBM) program provides students with
concepts, frameworks, analytical, problem solving and research skills
to enable them to operate condently and eectively in a global
environment characterized by constant change and requiring
exible and innovative responses at a professional level.
BBM program is designed with the following objectives:
1. Develop students’ skills in creative thinking, decision making,
leadership, communication, and gain understanding of operations
and change.
2. Develop students’ understanding of entrepreneurship and
innovation, and eective management of business operations in
a dynamic business environment.
3. Prepare students for professional life to work as business manager
and entrepreneur.

Features of the Program

Teaching Pedagogy-student centered.
• Attendance-80%
• Internal and External Evaluation
• Normal and Maximum Duration of Study
Normal duration 48 months (8 semesters)
Maximum duration 96 months (16 semesters)
• Graduation Requirements
• The successful completion of 120 credit hours as
prescribed with a minimum of passing grade in all courses
with CGPA of 2.00.
• A minimum of grade ‘C’ obtained in the Project Report
Writing Or Internship.
• Completed all the course requirements as specied in the
curricular structure section within the maximum time
period specied in the normal and maximum duration of
the study section.
• Beneciaries
• The beneciaries of this BBM program will be all the
organizations, specially the business one. The BBM products
are expected to contribute mainly in private and
public, business and social organizations including NGOs
and INGOs.

Eligibility for admission

The candidate applying for admission to the BBA-Finance Program at
SDC must have:
1. secured at least 2.41 CGPA or rst division in the 10+2 or equivalent
2. successfully completed a twelve-year schooling or its equivalent from
any university, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
3. complied with all the application procedure.
4. passed entrance test (CMAT).
Merit List
Admission of the students in BBA-Finance Program at Shanker Dev
Campus will be strictly on the basis of merit list. Merit list is prepared on
the basis of:
1. 60% of CMAT Entrance examination.
2. 30% of marks secured in CGPA or percentage in plus two or
3. 10% Interview.

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