Shuva Ram Basnet President , FSU

Message from the President

Students are the integral part of society with high mobility, enthusiasm, and dynamicity. Balanced with the specific academic disciplines during the period of University enrollment, we have future desires for implementing our knowledge & skills.

As an ancient phenomenon of grouping individuals for different purposes, patriotism, subject wise bond, ideology, and regional identity are the issues that combines students in various collective agencies.

Free Student Union is representative and authoritative body with organizational accountability in the campus. It's my great pleasure to share various information and ideas about the institutional and academic approaches as the president of Free Student Union, Shanker Dev Campus. Centrally located within Kathmandu Valley, this campus has been a management icon which produces the academic personalities who can compete internationally with the glorious history of first commerce campus in Nepal.

We students are always with initiative hopes for future furnished with the learning attitude. The collective effort we make regarding academic & infrastructural reform germinates from our collective & rational projection with the thematic notion included in 'Vision 2067', which was our motto that incorporated election manifesto in the FSU election of 2065, we designed a specific Action plan for the two years. Based on the two approaches of learning by doing and following the pioneers we have paved a pathway of educational, sport and brainstorming activities, these can be justified by the events of annual sports, facilitation in regular conduction of classes, arrangement of guest lectures on contemporary issues, organization of ideological discussion and immediate responsive initiation in the national vital issues.

Beside their banning of posters and use of banners on the wall of campus building, construction of volleyball court of international standard, steps adopted in allocating budget for construction above the "Tukucha" stream are the steps of reform. Initiation of e-library and introduction of facility of Wi-Fi system within the campus premise are the major achievements within this tenure. The outcome oriented approach with the background of laborious process oriented approach gets the validity after we go through the result of MBS in annual exam of 2010 which augmented to 65% result pass from the prior record of 13%. And this trend shows the positive signs for the results of other levels as well.

Still we have some challenges, due to the national political turmoil, the regular functioning of institutions are under adverse impact. Lack of clear demarcation and consistency in both value and norm oriented politics is the major challenge.

On, the other hand, delivering quality education in this competitive world is the next challenge. Again, with the joint effort of professors, Campus administration, student organizations and individual students we can tackle any obstacles that we face.

Thank you!